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This One’s for the Parents

Here at Girlz 4 Christ, our main focus is to reach girls around the world in the name of Christ through positive and appropriate media material. But we know that this couldn’t be accomplished without the help of loving, caring, adult role models. I’m talking about the parents. (This includes the adults who have stepped in and taken a parental style of role for youth who need it!)

Girlz 4 Christ relies on these parents to spread the word about our free magazine subscriptions, and to keep this ministry funded. We interact on our Parentz 4 Christ Pinterest board and provide resources on our Parentz 4 Christ webpage. But now, we have a new resource to help you help your daughter navigate uncharted, terrifying territory: dating!

As the editor of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, I had the opportunity to get involved in the blog tour for Daniel Anderson’s new book, The 10 Myths of Teen Dating. Regardless of your personal beliefs or family rules regarding dating, this is a must-read that can apply to all young adult relationships.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect these 10 myths to be. Would they just be the author’s personal opinions that ends up feeling like a list of dos and don’ts? I was pleased to find out that while each myth may be controversial, they are verifiable by both statistical data and Biblical truth. Each myth also builds upon the previous ones, which really ties the book together. From “If I Had a Boyfriend I Would Be Happy” to “Serial Dating and Living Together Will Help Me Stay Married”, these myths are counterbalanced by truth in a loving way.

Because I’m guessing that at least a few teenage girls will end up reading this review, I’d like to recommend that they read this book as well. While it is geared towards parents of teen girls, everyone could glean something from this book. I actually noticed at my local bookstore that they accidentally displayed this book in the teen section instead of on the parenting shelf, so I guess I’m not alone in this! The 10 Myths of Teen Dating was written primarily by high school teacher Daniel Anderson, but also includes pieces by his daughter, Jacquelyn Anderson. Getting the “younger” take from her perspective made each chapter well-rounded. Even if girls end up not reading this book, it could still make a good gift for a parent. I promise that this parenting book isn’t filled with strict suggestions that will make your life miserable; honestly!

Daniel Anderson’s experience as a parent, teacher, and mentor of teens shines through in each personal example he gives. This includes mistakes he’s made that we can learn from! Whether your daughter has never been on a date or has made a series of poor choices when it comes to boys, The 10 Myths of Teen Dating can pick up wherever your family is!

Note: Girlz 4 Christ was provided with a complimentary copy of this book in order for us to be able to give this honest review. 

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Final Preview: Girlz 4 Christ Summer 2016

The Summer 2016 issue of Girlz 4 Christ is coming Monday! And we’ve jam-packed it with so much to check out!
Meet two of our international readers, from Italy and Australia.

 Get the inside scoop on new book releases, including Life Just Got Real by Sadie Robertson.

 Get some tips on how to deal with those awkward moments, including some of the G4C staff’s most embarrassing stories!

 Enter to win a copy of Kimberly Rae’s book, Abnormal Results.

 Learn the good of going to see a counselor and what to expect with your first appointment.

 Meet Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, a Christian woman who isn’t letting a missing eye or arm stop her from moving up in the world of fashion journalism!

 Find out more about Duck Dynasty’s youngest married couple with our exclusive interview with John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson!

 Find out if you should watch the newest documentary on Netflix, Poverty, Inc.

But you can only get all this and more when you subscribe to Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. Subscriptions are 100% free, so there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from clicking here and signing up right now!

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Throwback Thursday: Our First Issue!

In the midst of celebrating five years of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, we decided to take a look back to our very first issue. Wow, things sure have changed!

// you liked this, you’ll LOVE our current and upcoming issues! They’re bigger, better, and jam-packed with even more for Christian girls around the world! Click here to get a free subscription!

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Crafts that Put the CHRIST in CHRISTmas!

While counting down the days to December 25th, you may be a little overwhelmed. Have you finished getting gifts for your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coworkers, and church staff? Are you running out of money? Have you been so busy with shopping, finals, and everything else on your plate that you haven’t even begun decorating?

Take a deep breath…
…and breathe out.
The Christmas season was created as a time to reflect on all that God has done for us. But like so many other times in life, there is so much to distract us, that Christmas can sometimes become meaningless! 
We’ve found a few ways to reflect on the miracle of Jesus’ birth, while still providing an opportunity to decorate and create low-cost gifts for friends and family. Here are a few pins we’ve found on this. Be sure to follow Girlz 4 Christ on Pinterest for more ideas like this! 
Make a stable ornament for your tree!
Make a beautiful nativity ornament!
Scripture Ornaments. Use Bible program like ESword or Theophilos to make these and you don't have to make any copies. :)
Christmas M&M Poem and Gift Idea
Now it’s your turn! Share with us any crafts you made this season, especially if they celebrate the reason for this (and all) seasons!
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Girlz 4 Christ Winter 2013/2014 Issue!

The Girlz 4 Christ Magazine Winter 2013/14 Issue is out! Below you’ll find the titles and authors of all the contents inside. Some of them you can click on, which will take you to the weblink for that article. The other articles can only be found inside the magazine. (But you can subscribe for free in the right sidebar!)
Godly Girlz
4 Ways to Spread the Gospel Adelee Russell

Girlz in Action
Miracle Seed Maddy Morrison

Fashionable Girlz
Natural Beauty Products Natasha Atkerson

Girlz on the Go

Healthy Girlz
Winter Workout Jessica Lippe
Homemade Spiced Cider Jessica Lippe

Fun 4 Girlz

Top Books Every Girl Should Read Natasha Atkerson
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Gift Guide

Maybe you still have some last-minute shopping to do. Or maybe you’re figuring out what to do with some money that you’ve been given. Here are our suggestions that will make any girl smile!
Anomaly by Kristen McGee Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds left to live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.”*
Anomaly is a story of love, boundaries, and believing that you are something greater than what society tells you to be. All her life Thalli has been programmed to follow orders and never think outside the box. When she starts questioning her surroundings, her program, and feelings…where she lives, this kind of thinking leads to death. It’s only when she is about to die that she becomes alive.
First Date by Melody Carlson Devon has just begun attending a Christian school, and although she’s not so sure what she believes about God, she realizes that the people at her new school are boring. It even appears that the boys are avoiding talking to the girls at all costs! Devon decides that she, along with her group of friends, can turn this school atmosphere upside-down. Together they start a secret club calling The Dating Games, or DG. Their first mission is to help each other get dates for the homecoming dance. The only problem? None of them have dated before! Okay, maybe that’s only one of the many problems they run into… This is the first book of The Dating Games series, written by the popular Christian author Melody Carlson. This is different than anything she’s written before, and it will be interesting to read the upcoming books! 

Good Belly Whether you want to start the New Year healthy, are having any sort of stomach troubles, or are just looking for a tasty beverage, you should try out Good Belly Probiotic Juice Drinks. There are so many good things about it: there’s a special kind of probiotic strand in the juice, it’s organic, and comes in either shots or quarts (I tried the quarts in several different flavors and highly recommend them). Some of the drinks are gluten-free and others provide a multivitamin. The only thing that is lacking is that these great-tasting drinks are actually not 100% juice. But because this is an innovative company, I’m sure they’re working towards a wider variety of options. I took Good Belly as part of their 12-Day Challenge and felt much better after doing so. You can also try their 12-Day Challenge and receive coupons by signing up at
Primal Strips You will love Primal Strips Vegan Jerky, even if you aren’t vegan! Although they don’t taste the same as real jerky, they come in a variety of flavors, some that are even better than the beef version! These are great for those
who are on special diets, because they are
nutritious, gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan, kosher,
and preservative-free. They’re perfect for on the
go as well. Visit

A great gift that will bless not only the recipient, but the world, is a donation to charity in the recipient’s name. It’s best to ask the intended recipient for the name of their favorite charity, but here are a few to get you started: