If you have it on your heart to support Girlz 4 Christ, welcome and thank you! Feel free to e-mail us at Girlz4Christ@yahoo.com for more information on our current sponsor opportunities.

Preteen and teenage girls make up a major part of the economy- they make their own money, and parents and other adults often make purchases that are influenced by girls. Many Christian girls are looking for companies and products that will help them live out their faith. In other words, advertising with Girlz 4 Christ is one of the most worthwhile investments your company could make!

E-mail Girlz4Christ@yahoo.com for current rates. Ask about our annual media kit. We have many opportunities for advertisers, including:
-Magazine page ads
-Website sidebar ads
-Social media shout-outs

In addition to accepting sponsorships from businesses and organizations, we rely on individuals and families to provide the day-to-day costs of running this ministry. Our operating costs are approximately $18 per subscriber each year. Please prayerfully consider giving, either one time or on a monthly basis. You can pay safely and securely via PayPal.

Bring Magazines to Girls in Need: When you sponsor a print magazine, it will be placed in the hands of girls who need it most. We are currently working with youth shelters, foster care groups, and other organizations who may have limited internet access, but could utilize our magazine with the teens they support. It costs approximately $10 to print, ship, and distribute each magazine. For a limited time, when you sponsor five print magazines, you can also get your choice of advertising at no additional cost. Just donate here, or contact Girlz4Christ@yahoo.com.