Modest+Fashion Shopping Directory

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Looking for clothes that are modest, fashionable, and reflect your life with Christ? We’ve found the best modest and fashion resources on the web and gathered them all in one place.

Camibands Cover up midsection, cleavage, or swimsuit with a fashionable elastic band
Cover Your Hair Hats and other hair accessories
Crush Sunglasses and goggles with Psalm 139:14 on each pair
ModWraps Buy 2, get 4 free with free shipping with our coupon code, “G4C”!
The Poppy Stock Handcrafted infinity scarves with hidden zippered pockets

Halftee Layering tool that can add a higher neckline or sleeves without added bulk
Layerwear Basics Base layer shirts and skirts
Modesty 4 Me High-neck camisoles
We Love Colors Tights, leggings, and other hosiery in fun colors
Kosher Casual Long

Beverly Swimwear Stylish modest swimsuits
Girls 4 Sport Feminine athletic swimwear
Modest Sea Moderate and full-coverage swimwear

Mod Sportswear Multipurpose athletic skirts.

Special Occasion
Dainty Jewell’s Modest dresses for formal and everyday use
ModestPop Modest dresses and so many other styles
Modli A one-stop shop for dresses, skirts, and other modest fashion
Novae Clothing Modern modest dresses complete with accessories

Cleo Madison A variety of modest clothes for head to toe!
DCM Apparel Online boutique with a beautiful modest selection
Kosher Casual Skirts and other modest apparel for girls and women
Modest Apparel USA A boutique of made-in-the-US modest clothing
Style J Quality and fashionable denim skirts

General Shopping (for Saving Money on Clothes and More!)

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