Girl Heroes

Every day, young women around the world are changing the world! There are many Christian girls who didn’t let the fact that they were teens (or tweens) stop them from pursuing the passions God had given them. Here are a few of these Girl Heroes that we’d like to shine a spotlight on.

TV and Movie Stars
Cozi Zuehlsdorff Hazel Haskett in “Dolphin Tale” movies
Lauren Etchells Emily Mitchell in the movie “Courageous”.
Taylor Hutcherson  Jade Hayes in the movie “Courageous”.
Alena Pitts  Danielle Jordan in the movie “War Room”. 
Celina Tolbert Actress in the movie “Secrets in the Fall”

Mary Kate Robertson Star in the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty”


Gracie Schram singer and songwriter of “I Am Me”, uses proceeds to help orphans
Lily Garay singer and songwriter of “My Heart Beats”, became G4C’s Assistant Editor!
Camryn Kelly daughter of NFL’s Jim Kelly, wrote “Hot Chocolate With God”
Erin Kelly daughter of NFL’s Jim Kelly, wrote “Kelly Tough”
Rachel Coker author of “Interrupted”
Amanda Davis author of “The Cantral Chronicles”
Marjorie Jackson author of “The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read”

Bethany Hamilton shark attack survivor and pro surfer

Charity Jewell Walter president of Dainty Jewell’s modest apparel

Ministry Leaders
Ellie Ambrose founder of Ellie’s Run
Emma Sleeth Davis environmental author and coordinator at Blessed Earth
Katie Davis founder of Amazima
Madison Wiese founder of Boyfriend Bears
Read about even more amazing girl heroes in our book, Girls Who Change the World!
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