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Many readers have asked about obtaining print copies. Here are the links to order all of the currently available Girlz 4 Christ print products:

Girlz 4 Christ Magazine Summer 2019
Click here to order a print copy of the current issue: Summer 2019!

Breakthrough Chrissy Metz Journeys Magazine Cover
Spring 2019

winter 2019 g4c
Winter 2019

Fall 2018

Summer 2018

Spring 2018
Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Summer 2017

download 11.39.09 AM
Spring 2017

Girlz with Goalz
Click here to order a copy of our Girlz with Goalz workbook. 

G4C FALL 2016 cover
Fall 2016

John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate Robertson Young and Beardless
Summer 2016

Spring Cozi Zuehlsdorff
Spring 2016

Have a specific issue you’d like that’s not listed above? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Ordering Tips:

You can save money by ordering bulk copies (share with your church!) or getting the smaller size of print.

Please note that print copies are fulfilled through Peecho. If you have any technical questions, contact them.

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