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Final Preview: Girlz 4 Christ Summer 2016

The Summer 2016 issue of Girlz 4 Christ is coming Monday! And we’ve jam-packed it with so much to check out!
Meet two of our international readers, from Italy and Australia.

 Get the inside scoop on new book releases, including Life Just Got Real by Sadie Robertson.

 Get some tips on how to deal with those awkward moments, including some of the G4C staff’s most embarrassing stories!

 Enter to win a copy of Kimberly Rae’s book, Abnormal Results.

 Learn the good of going to see a counselor and what to expect with your first appointment.

 Meet Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, a Christian woman who isn’t letting a missing eye or arm stop her from moving up in the world of fashion journalism!

 Find out more about Duck Dynasty’s youngest married couple with our exclusive interview with John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson!

 Find out if you should watch the newest documentary on Netflix, Poverty, Inc.

But you can only get all this and more when you subscribe to Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. Subscriptions are 100% free, so there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from clicking here and signing up right now!

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Sneak Peeks at Summer 2016

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed how we announced some exciting new developments in our Summer 2016 issue. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap.

On our cover, you’ll see John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson, the newlywed college students that you’ve probably seen on Duck Dynasty. John Luke just released a new book called Young & Beardless, so we’ve interviewed them about the book, their lives, and their inspirations. (You’ll even discover who taught John Luke how to shave… after all, in a family of bearded men, you have to wonder…)

John Luke’s sister, Sadie Robertson, will also make an appearance in this upcoming issue! She also wrote a new book that will be released next month. Her first work of fiction is called Life Just Got Real. We may have to start #RobertsonSiblingRivalry to find out which of their books comes out on top.

Today, we’d like to give you a few more sneak peeks…
spring dress // lauren scruggs kennedy

  • In 2011, Lauren Scruggs suffered a traumatizing accident involving an airplane propeller that left her with one eye and one hand. In our next issue, we’re interviewing her to find out how she survived and went on to become a famous fashion journalist.
  • In addition to tips from Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, we’ll get even more style advice from our regular fashion and beauty team. You’ll even get a special coupon to shop for natural beauty products!
  • You’ll get to read the G4C team’s most embarrassing moments. 
  • When you donate to charity, have you ever considered what good your money will do? We’ve got an inside look for you.
  • Meet G4C readers from all around the world!
  • As usual, your copy of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine will allow you to read devotionals and other articles about living a God-honoring life!
You don’t want to miss out on all this and more. Click here to get a free subscription to Girlz 4 Christ Magazine!
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G4C’s Cover Girls: Where Are They Now?

If you looked inside of the most recent issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, you read about five of our past cover girls. But what about the other 20? Here’s our full list!

FIRST ISSUE! March/April 2011:
March/April 2011: Ruby Gomez is one of the girls featured in the issue. Her life of growing up in a mission orphanage has come full circle as she is a missionary in the United States and her home country of Peru.

May/June 2011, Volume 1 Issue 2:
May/June 2011: This issue featured a drawing by Zack Hix, founder of Good Boy Roy. He still sells his designed shirts online, and also published the book Bully Bad in 2013.

July/August 2011:
July/August 2011: Elena, a participant in The Arc Jackson County, danced her way onto this cover. Although the only thing we know about Elena is that she’s now a teenager, The Arc Jackson County continues to help families with developmental disabilities.

September/October 2011:
September/October 2011: This issue featured a special section on the Courageous movie, including a quiz, review, and interviews, one of which was with cover girl Lauren Etchells. Lauren hasn’t acted since Courageous, but she still advocates for the message behind the movie when she’s not busy being a teenager!

Nov/Dec 2011, Volume 1 Issue 5:
November/December 2011: As daughter of a retired NFL quarterback, Camryn Kelly made her own mark as she celebrated in this issue the release of her first book. Camryn wrote an entire series of Hot Chocolate with God and is now living with her dad, Jim Kelly, and author mom, Jill Kelly, while finishing up high school.

Jan/Feb 2012:
January/February 2012: Ellie Ambrose graced this cover for her work as the founder of Ellie’s Run, a Nashville-based run benefiting education in Africa. Ellie’s Run continued to be an annual race for 12 years until 2015. Although the run is over, Ellie is continuing to help education in Africa as effectively as she can.

March/April 2012:
March/April 2012: Our first year as a magazine was commemorated with Peggy, a girl who was an aid recipient of World Vision. Peggy is 14 now, but it has been difficult to get more of an update on her since World Vision continues to support so many child sponsorships around the world.

May/June 2012:
May/June 2012: Gracie Schram sung her way into our hearts and onto our cover! Last year, Gracie released “I Am Me”, and ever since has been doing a lot of concerts and tours!

July/August 2012:
July/August 2012: Author Rachel Coker was interviewed in this issue. After writing Interrupted, Rachel went on to pen Chasing Jupiter. She offers workshops and writing lessons, too!

September/October 2012:
September/October 2012: Amanda L. Davis, author of Cantral Chronicles, got her photo on this issue’s cover. Amanda completed her book series and is hoping to write even more!

Nov/Dec 2012 Volume 2 Issue 5:
November/December 2012: Musician Lily Garay rocked this cover! Not long after this, she became Girlz 4 Christ’s assistant editor, but she is still working hard on her music too! You can catch her in concert if you live near Virginia, or find her music online.

Jan/Feb 2013, Volume 2 Issue 6:
January/February 2013: We partnered with Every Orphan’s Hope to bring Thoko Muchimba to our pages. Thoko continues to live in a home sponsored by Every Orphan’s Hope, where she is helping her brothers and sisters and attending a nearby school.

Spring 2013:
Spring 2013: Madison Weise, founder of Boyfriend Bears, marked our first seasonal issue. As featured in the Spring 2016 issue, Madison began attending college this year and turned the Boyfriend Bears ministry over to her mom, but not before making a DVD curriculum!

Summer 2013:
Summer 2013: The terrific trio cast of Blimey Cow shines from the small screen to the cover page! Jordan, Kelli, and Josh are still sharing their “Messy Mondays” on YouTube every week, plus they have gone into full-time media production!

Fall 2013:
Fall 2013: The ladies from Point of Grace brought grace to our cover as we interviewed Leigh inside. Last year, Point of Grace released their latest album, Directions Home. You could even catch them on tour this summer!

Winter 13/14:
Winter 2013/14: Budding actress Celina Tolbert was interviewed for this cover feature. Celina Tolbert occasionally writes for Girlz 4 Christ Magazine while finishing up college and is in the process of moving to Paris as an au pair.

Spring 2014:
Spring 2014: Christian environmental author and advocate Emma Sleeth shows off a seedling with this issue. You can read about all that she’s been up to in the Spring 2016 issue of Girlz 4 Christ, but as a quick recap: she continues to work for Blessed Earth and is enjoying the married life!

Summer 2014:
Summer 2014: Two of our Girlz 4 Christ readers serving as summer missionaries displayed some of their work on this cover! They went on their mission trips and hopefully inspired other Girlz 4 Christ readers to make a difference as well!

Fall 2014:
Fall 2014: Secret Keeper Girl showed off their show’s skit on the front of this issue. Visit them online to see if you can attend one of their shows or access a wealth of other resources!

Winter 2015:
Winter 2015: This issue brought us none other than editor, author, and speaker Susie Shellenberger. Susie is currently trying to balance speaking across the US and around the world with playing with her dogs at home and visiting relatives in Oklahoma City.

Spring 2015:
Spring 2015: Persecuted for her faith, Somchi was connected with us through Voice of the Martyrs. Voice of the Martyrs still serves Christians in countries where it’s illegal or dangerous to proclaim Christ, and Somchi is happily married and living away from the people who persecuted her!

Summer 2015:
Summer 2015: While we featured her younger sister back in 2011, it was Erin Kelly’s turn to shine for her book, Kelly Tough. Erin attends Liberty University and when she’s not in school, you can often see her in Buffalo Bills garb to support her dad’s team!

Fall 2015:
Fall 2015: With War Room marking her acting debut, Alena Pitts starred in this issue! Alena did a lot of promotion for War Room, and she’s currently a model and journalist.

Winter 15/16:
Winter 2015/16: Project Inspired’s Nicole Weider was the face of an excellent issue! As mentioned in the Spring 2016 issue, Nicole and her team are working on new developments for Project Inspired, and you can find them constantly encouraging girls through social media platforms!

Spring 2016- 5th Birthday!:
Spring 2016: Our most recent cover girl was Cozi Zuehlsdorff. Cozi will be guest starring on Disney Channel shows soon! She’s also working on songwriting as well.

Stay tuned until next month, when we’ll reveal another exciting cover feature! If you don’t receive Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, subscribe for free!

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Interview with Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Star of Dolphin Tale Movies

In honor of National Dolphin Day (US), enjoy an interview with Dolphin Tale star Cozi Zuehlsdorff!

Have you seen Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2? How about Disney Channel shows like Mighty Med or Liv and Maddie? If so, Cozi Zuehlsdorff needs no introduction! Get to know how this seventeen-year-old actress and musician shines the light of Christ in the spotlight!

Interviewed by Jessica Lippe
What is your favorite song to perform?
My favorite song to perform is probably Handpainted. I pray before I sing it, and the Holy Spirit always lets me get carried away in the music!

Tell us about Handpainted. 

My dear friend Brennley inspired this song. As teenagers, we both can struggle with being overly-critical of our appearance, and I got to thinking about Psalm 139 and the truth that God has carefully and lovingly designed us, and I thought that idea could be translated into a song. Sometimes a song is worth a thousand conversations. 
Why did you decide to get involved in performing at such a young age? Do you think acting and singing is your lifetime career, or are there other jobs that you’re also interested in?
 My mom encouraged me to audition for the musical Annie when I was eight years old; that’s how I got started. I immediately fell in love with performing. I love acting and singing, and definitely would love to continue doing both for the rest of my life. I also love to write, whether its songs or poems or short stories. It’s fun to have interests that can overlap. 
In Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2, you got to do lots of things that many girls only dream about, such as swimming with dolphins and starring in a movie. Was it a dream come true for you, or were there challenges associated with movie making?
Both! The Dolphin Tale movies were some of the most beautiful, magical times of my entire life, and the friends I made in the cast and crew will last a lifetime. It was also very challenging—I learned to actively trust the Lord as I worked 9 1/2 hours a day as a twelve-year-old, and swam for long periods of time in some pretty chilly water. Anyone will tell you, though, that if you love doing something, you’re willing to deal with the challenges. 
Who was your favorite animal in the movies? Does your passion for animals transfer to your real life?
I can’t pick a favorite! What if they read this article? Ha-ha!  I love them ALL for different reasons. Winter is sweet and gentle, and Hope is crazy and fun-loving. I have a dog named Bandit, and he is the joy of my life.
What keeps you going and motivates you to stay involved in movies, music, and television?
Acting, singing, and writing are all things I’m very passionate about, so it’s not hard to stay motivated. I’d say songwriting is what’s hardest to constantly keep up on, because it takes a lot of creative energy. Often, I’ve found that songs come to you when you’re not looking for them, so I put in long hours of bouncing around ideas at the piano, and it pays off when I finally find the words later that day at the supermarket or something.
How do you represent Christ in your work?
I am very open about my faith over social media, which is how I stay connected with the people who like my songs and tv or film characters. I have also found that simply praying for someone can make a huge imprint on them; often, if I pray for a crew or cast member on a set, it’s the first time they’ve ever been prayed for. It’s amazing that Jesus lets me share His love with them in such a gentle, simple, profound way. 
How did you come to understand Christ and put your faith in Him?
I asked Jesus to come into my heart when I was six years old. As I’ve grown older, He is knitting me closer and closer to Him through a deeper understanding of His grace. Sometimes, I put pressure on myself to be “perfect” for Jesus—but if I could be perfect, He wouldn’t have had to die on the cross! I’m learning that peace is found in this truth: I am not perfect, and Jesus doesn’t ask me to be. He simply asks me to surrender and let Him hold me, and He will take it from there. I love that.
What do you do outside of the spotlight? Any “typical teen” activities you enjoy?
I love to play piano—I practice daily! I’m homeschooled, and my favorite subjects are writing, history, and psychology. When I’m hanging out with my friends, I love to go see a movie, or just hang around and talk (and if Indian food is involved, I am in heaven). My best friend and I watch our favorite tv show together every week, which I love.
Do you have any upcoming projects that we can look forward to, or goals youd like to reach?


I just finished shooting as a guest star on Disney Channel’s KC Undercover, and am so excited for it to air. I got to do stunts, which was so fun! I’m also working on a lot of new music, writing both for my own voice and starting to write for others, so that’s been a dream come true. We’ll see where the Lord leads!
This interview originally appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. Get your free subscription here!
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Girlz 4 Christ on theDove

Girlz 4 Christ had a very exciting opportunity today to be featured on Mornings On theDove. Editor Jessica Lippe invited viewers to become part of the Girlz 4 Christ global family, just in time for the release of the 5th birthday issue!

Click here to watch the interview!

It’s hard to believe that Girlz 4 Christ has been around for five years already! We’re celebrating in the Spring 2016 issue, which will be released on March 20th. In this biggest issue ever, we have a giveaway, an exclusive interview with Dolphin Tale star Cozi Zuehlsdorff, five of our previous cover girls returning for a “where are they now” feature, and so much more!

Being interviewed on theDove TV and radio was an interesting experience. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what to say, and other times I knew that I could talk for hours on a subject, but had to stop myself! It wasn’t glamorous with a makeup artist or a limo to pick me up; in fact I had to get up really early to do my own styling and drive myself to the studio on time! But I think we met the goal of this feature: to tell more people about the ministry of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine.

TheDove is a radio and TV broadcasting company based in Medford, Oregon, but thanks to the internet, can be heard and viewed around the world. (Hmm… that sounds like another ministry I’ve heard of… *coughGirlz4Christcough*) I actually interned with theDove when I was a senior in high school, just as they were starting up the TV channel. That made it extra special to return and see how the nonprofit has grown and improved. Back in the day, they only offered a radio station and their entire building was about the size of what their new studio looks like now! In addition to a new building, they have a much larger crew and a fun atmosphere. While Girlz 4 Christ is an excellent faith-based lifestyle resource, theDove is a great faith-based news resource. We’re proud to have partnered with another Christian media outlet in celebration of our 5th birthday!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t miss out! Click here to get your free subscription, which will include our jam-packed 5th birthday issue!

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Sneak Peeks at Girlz 4 Christ Spring 2016!

We’re excited to finally present the cover to our upcoming issue!

Cozi Zuehlsdorff, star of “Dolphin Tale” and “Dolphin Tale 2”, as well as a singer, songwriter, and guest star in a slew of Disney Channel shows, graces this cover of our 5th birthday issue. Inside, our interview with Cozi will divulge her thoughts on her performing life, personal life, and, most importantly, her life with Christ!

And because it’s our 5th birthday, the issue will be jam-packed with celebration! Here are just a few of the things included that will help celebrate our 5th year.

-Cozi’s Top 5 Favorite Things
-5 G4C Cover Girls Return to Tell Us How They’re Currently Changing the World
-Review and Cast Interview of The 5 Day Adoption Documentary
-5+ Beauty Tips
-5 (x2) Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Camp
-Scavenger Hunt with 5 Birthday Things to Find
-5 Prizes Given Away in our Birthday Contest!

If you aren’t subscribed yet, you don’t want to miss out! Click here to get a free subscription!

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Girlz 4 Christ Winter 2013/2014 Issue!

The Girlz 4 Christ Magazine Winter 2013/14 Issue is out! Below you’ll find the titles and authors of all the contents inside. Some of them you can click on, which will take you to the weblink for that article. The other articles can only be found inside the magazine. (But you can subscribe for free in the right sidebar!)
Godly Girlz
4 Ways to Spread the Gospel Adelee Russell

Girlz in Action
Miracle Seed Maddy Morrison

Fashionable Girlz
Natural Beauty Products Natasha Atkerson

Girlz on the Go

Healthy Girlz
Winter Workout Jessica Lippe
Homemade Spiced Cider Jessica Lippe

Fun 4 Girlz

Top Books Every Girl Should Read Natasha Atkerson

In the Act

Have you ever wanted to become an actress? I recently got the chance to speak with two upcoming Christian actors that starred in “Secrets in the Fall”. We had you ask questions and we got the answers! Make sure to read until the end for a special surprise. First up we have Celina Tolbert. A North Carolina native who just finished her first semester of college.

Displaying photo 4.JPG

When did you first start acting?  I started in 7th grade when my mom found an ad in the newspaper for a community theater version of The Wizard of Oz and I thought that sounded really fun! I did an audition and got the part of a munchkin. It was a pretty big production and even though it wasn’t professional theater, it was still a great experience. After that I started becoming more involved in community theater. Once I got to the end of my freshman year of highschool I explored the option of acting in films. I’ve been doing work in faith based and family film since then.

Where does your faith come into play? I’ve been a Christian since I was about seven years old. A few years later I went to a YFC camp where I realized I wasn’t doing anything with Christ. It was a big wake up call for me because it  hit me that I was called to serve Him and not just love Him. That’s really where I find my purpose.
Where do you see yourself in the future with acting? I would  really like to keep doing faith based projects. I just want to be in films that lift up God. I don’t want to be in anything negates my faith or my beliefs. Helping the faith-based market grow is something I’d like to continue doing. I honestly don’t think that acting will be my whole life, but I hope to combine it with youth ministry in the near future.
What’s your go-to verse when you’re on set? I would definitely have to say Jeremiah 29:11 because it reminds me that God will always have a plan for me.

If you want to keep up with Celina, just check her out on twitter: @Celi_Cienta

Our second actor is from Charleston, SC who started acting when he was an extra in Army Wives, but I’ll let him tell you more about it. Without further ado here’s my interview with Daniel Bostic.

When did you start acting? In high school I was very much the shy kid. Not very outgoing, not really a lot of friends and I guess my mom knew me better than I knew myself because she signed me up for a drama class in highschool. I really wasn’t happy about it. All I could think about was the stereotype that all drama kids are nerds (plus I hated standing up in front of people). I ended up falling in love with it and the whole process and so that was my beginning for stage acting. Then one night out of the blue I got a call to be an extra on the set of Army Wives. Even though I only got a really small role with them, it really kind of springboarded me into the film world that I’m at now.
Where does your faith fit into all of this? To be honest it’s something I’m still trying to figure out. It’s a very interesting time right now because film is definitely the most popular it’s ever been and will continue to grow. There’s just a lot of differing views. It’s challenging to be a Christian in this industry. I’ve probably turned down 6-7 roles in the past 6 months because of faith issues. It’s not necessarily because of my role, but because of the production as a whole. What is the strangest thing a role required you to do? It was for a film called “Gone For The Day”. The storyline is about a girl who walks into a coffee shop and she feels down because she broke up with a guy who worked there. I see she is sad so I help her and we eventually become best friends. For part of it I actually had to roll down a hill wrapped in bubble wrap. I couldn’t roll straight and all the bubbles were popping! Good times:)

To keep up with Daniel, check him out on twitter: @debostic


Beautiful Tomorrow w/ Jamie Kennedy

Beautiful Tomorrow is a web-based movement for reaching out to teens and young adults under 30. To help them by sharing and inspiring them with quotes or being a direct contact for them and take today’s struggles and turn them into a beautiful tomorrow. Jaime wants to help people find the beauty of their past, help them grow, and show them what has brought them to who they are and to appreciate and understanding the future. Everyone has struggles.

Here are some questions that G4C asked her:
Did you grow up as a Christian? I did not grow up involved in much faith at all. I went to communion and confirmation classes in middle school and high school just because I was forced to and not because I wanted to. My family isn’t really involved in faith either. We just did the whole religion thing because of tradition. It wasn’t until the Fall of 2011 I decided to go with a friend to church and from that day on I’ve been completely changed and given my life completely to Christ.

Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
I think that something everyone hears and doesn’t pay attention to is when older people say,         “Who you surround yourself with is 100% of what you’re going to be.” In highschool it’s all about who you’re friends with and what is the cool thing. I think if you’re selective at that age and break down and ask yourself “How are the people I’m surrounding myself with going to benefit the me God wants me to be? Are my surroundings satisfying Him at all?”
What does Freedom mean to you?Freedom to me is that feeling of not having to be weary or fearful because I know God is in control and Has a plan even in his silence. I first decided that this feeling in my heart…..
God and said, “Please have control…”

“Nobody said that life was easy and as strong as you are with your faith and relationship with Christ there are going to be difficulties and temptations and it’s going to be hard the older you get. but when you completely just trust in God and the plan He has for you. the freedom in your heart. even if it isn’t what everyone your age is typically up to. It’s perfect and exactly what He wants to for.”

JJ Photography