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G4C’s Cover Girls: Where Are They Now?

If you looked inside of the most recent issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, you read about five of our past cover girls. But what about the other 20? Here’s our full list!

FIRST ISSUE! March/April 2011:
March/April 2011: Ruby Gomez is one of the girls featured in the issue. Her life of growing up in a mission orphanage has come full circle as she is a missionary in the United States and her home country of Peru.

May/June 2011, Volume 1 Issue 2:
May/June 2011: This issue featured a drawing by Zack Hix, founder of Good Boy Roy. He still sells his designed shirts online, and also published the book Bully Bad in 2013.

July/August 2011:
July/August 2011: Elena, a participant in The Arc Jackson County, danced her way onto this cover. Although the only thing we know about Elena is that she’s now a teenager, The Arc Jackson County continues to help families with developmental disabilities.

September/October 2011:
September/October 2011: This issue featured a special section on the Courageous movie, including a quiz, review, and interviews, one of which was with cover girl Lauren Etchells. Lauren hasn’t acted since Courageous, but she still advocates for the message behind the movie when she’s not busy being a teenager!

Nov/Dec 2011, Volume 1 Issue 5:
November/December 2011: As daughter of a retired NFL quarterback, Camryn Kelly made her own mark as she celebrated in this issue the release of her first book. Camryn wrote an entire series of Hot Chocolate with God and is now living with her dad, Jim Kelly, and author mom, Jill Kelly, while finishing up high school.

Jan/Feb 2012:
January/February 2012: Ellie Ambrose graced this cover for her work as the founder of Ellie’s Run, a Nashville-based run benefiting education in Africa. Ellie’s Run continued to be an annual race for 12 years until 2015. Although the run is over, Ellie is continuing to help education in Africa as effectively as she can.

March/April 2012:
March/April 2012: Our first year as a magazine was commemorated with Peggy, a girl who was an aid recipient of World Vision. Peggy is 14 now, but it has been difficult to get more of an update on her since World Vision continues to support so many child sponsorships around the world.

May/June 2012:
May/June 2012: Gracie Schram sung her way into our hearts and onto our cover! Last year, Gracie released “I Am Me”, and ever since has been doing a lot of concerts and tours!

July/August 2012:
July/August 2012: Author Rachel Coker was interviewed in this issue. After writing Interrupted, Rachel went on to pen Chasing Jupiter. She offers workshops and writing lessons, too!

September/October 2012:
September/October 2012: Amanda L. Davis, author of Cantral Chronicles, got her photo on this issue’s cover. Amanda completed her book series and is hoping to write even more!

Nov/Dec 2012 Volume 2 Issue 5:
November/December 2012: Musician Lily Garay rocked this cover! Not long after this, she became Girlz 4 Christ’s assistant editor, but she is still working hard on her music too! You can catch her in concert if you live near Virginia, or find her music online.

Jan/Feb 2013, Volume 2 Issue 6:
January/February 2013: We partnered with Every Orphan’s Hope to bring Thoko Muchimba to our pages. Thoko continues to live in a home sponsored by Every Orphan’s Hope, where she is helping her brothers and sisters and attending a nearby school.

Spring 2013:
Spring 2013: Madison Weise, founder of Boyfriend Bears, marked our first seasonal issue. As featured in the Spring 2016 issue, Madison began attending college this year and turned the Boyfriend Bears ministry over to her mom, but not before making a DVD curriculum!

Summer 2013:
Summer 2013: The terrific trio cast of Blimey Cow shines from the small screen to the cover page! Jordan, Kelli, and Josh are still sharing their “Messy Mondays” on YouTube every week, plus they have gone into full-time media production!

Fall 2013:
Fall 2013: The ladies from Point of Grace brought grace to our cover as we interviewed Leigh inside. Last year, Point of Grace released their latest album, Directions Home. You could even catch them on tour this summer!

Winter 13/14:
Winter 2013/14: Budding actress Celina Tolbert was interviewed for this cover feature. Celina Tolbert occasionally writes for Girlz 4 Christ Magazine while finishing up college and is in the process of moving to Paris as an au pair.

Spring 2014:
Spring 2014: Christian environmental author and advocate Emma Sleeth shows off a seedling with this issue. You can read about all that she’s been up to in the Spring 2016 issue of Girlz 4 Christ, but as a quick recap: she continues to work for Blessed Earth and is enjoying the married life!

Summer 2014:
Summer 2014: Two of our Girlz 4 Christ readers serving as summer missionaries displayed some of their work on this cover! They went on their mission trips and hopefully inspired other Girlz 4 Christ readers to make a difference as well!

Fall 2014:
Fall 2014: Secret Keeper Girl showed off their show’s skit on the front of this issue. Visit them online to see if you can attend one of their shows or access a wealth of other resources!

Winter 2015:
Winter 2015: This issue brought us none other than editor, author, and speaker Susie Shellenberger. Susie is currently trying to balance speaking across the US and around the world with playing with her dogs at home and visiting relatives in Oklahoma City.

Spring 2015:
Spring 2015: Persecuted for her faith, Somchi was connected with us through Voice of the Martyrs. Voice of the Martyrs still serves Christians in countries where it’s illegal or dangerous to proclaim Christ, and Somchi is happily married and living away from the people who persecuted her!

Summer 2015:
Summer 2015: While we featured her younger sister back in 2011, it was Erin Kelly’s turn to shine for her book, Kelly Tough. Erin attends Liberty University and when she’s not in school, you can often see her in Buffalo Bills garb to support her dad’s team!

Fall 2015:
Fall 2015: With War Room marking her acting debut, Alena Pitts starred in this issue! Alena did a lot of promotion for War Room, and she’s currently a model and journalist.

Winter 15/16:
Winter 2015/16: Project Inspired’s Nicole Weider was the face of an excellent issue! As mentioned in the Spring 2016 issue, Nicole and her team are working on new developments for Project Inspired, and you can find them constantly encouraging girls through social media platforms!

Spring 2016- 5th Birthday!:
Spring 2016: Our most recent cover girl was Cozi Zuehlsdorff. Cozi will be guest starring on Disney Channel shows soon! She’s also working on songwriting as well.

Stay tuned until next month, when we’ll reveal another exciting cover feature! If you don’t receive Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, subscribe for free!

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