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Review: Eco Lips Gold Lip Balm

Eco Lips Gold Lip Balm
Distributed by Eco Lips
Picture of Eco Lips Gold USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm
‘Tis the season…. for colds, wind, and…chapped lips. I know that I require lip balm at this time of year, but I don’t always like the sickeningly sweet flavors. Plus, it really disturbs me when I can’t even pronounce most of the ingredients on my lip balm. (Just think of all the times you lick your lips and you end up swallowing all those chemicals!) I was so glad when I found what seems to be the perfect lip balm; I’ll be using it this winter and every winter from now on!

Eco Lips is a distributor of all kinds of lip balm. (I also like their Dagoba-flavored, their SPF Lip Care, and their Eco Tints.) Eco Lips Gold’s slogan is “The Ultimate Lip Moisterizer”, and I agree. It is great for so many reasons:
-It’s USDA certified organic
-It’s unflavored. I know that I occaisionally like flavored lip balm, but often times I don’t want to consistently taste Wild Berry Razz Jam on my lips!
-It’s color-free too, so it will match any outfit or makeup scheme.
-It’s non-GMO.
-Have a special diet or food allergies? No worries; it’s gluten-free.
-Cruelty-free. No animals were harmed in the making of this lip balm!
-It’s a great source of Vitamin E, which is really important in improving your skin’s health.
-Made in the USA
-It keeps your lips moisturized for hours, because it includes jojoba oil and other good-for-you ingredients!
-Once you’ve used up the lip balm, you can recycle the tube.

Now, with all these great benefits, there must be some sort of catch, right? Well, I have yet to find any flaws, although the initial price is a little steep: $3.49 for a .15 oz. tube. However, I think it’s definitely worth the price as it is the best lip balm to have ever touched my lips!

Since I like to take this lip balm everywhere, I also got a little accessory for it. Eco Lips also sells this snazzy Eco Lips Carabiners:
Picture of Eco Clip Carabiner
For only $1.99, this carabiner can clip your lip balm to virtually anything: belt loop, backpack, purse, keychain…seriously anything! The carabiner is even made from recycled aluminum, so it’s good for the environment AND good for you (because you get to consistently enjoy natural organic lip balm!).

These and more products can be found at, or possibly at a retailer near you!

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