Fashionable Girlz

Say NO to Skinny Jeans

Love how denim is so comfortable and casual, but hate how the unflattering and immodest skinny jeans seem to rule the denim market? You can still wear everyone’s favorite blue material while being modest; you just have to look beyond the store mannequins. Here are two of our favorite denim alternatives…

Long Denim Skirt Tiered Layers from, $34images/Long_Denim_Skirt_for_Women_Tiered_large_1487.jpg

What It Is: A-lined, multi-tiered skirt with Lycra for comfort and style
Waist: Elastic with zipper in back
Length: Ankles, though there are many shorter styles of skirts
Great For: Church, school, lounging at home, and semi-formal affairs like concert recitals and work
Goes With: Any kind of blouse, knit tops, sweaters
Made In: Israel
Pros/Cons: A little heavy, but oh so versatile and gorgeous!

Wide Leg Gaucho Style Culottes in Denim from, $32.95

dk denim gaucho

What It Is: Wide leg, feminine culottes made gaucho-style
Waist: Front fly zipper with belt loops
Length: Calf, though some culottes are longer and many are shorter
Great For: Lounging at home, school, youth group, and activities like rock climbing and horseback riding
Goes With: Any kind of blouse, sweatshirts, vests
Made In: United States
Pros/Cons: Unique and good with accessories, but needs lots of ironing

Photos taken from Kosher Casual and Modest Apparel USA, respectively. Article originally published in “Fashionable Girlz” of the November/December 2011 issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine.

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