Fun 4 Girlz

Countdown to Courageous: It’s Here!

Today’s the day! You can now see Courageous in theaters across America (and even in a few other nations as well)!

As you see it today, this weekend, or any time thereafter, leave a comment here telling us your favorite scene, or something that you learned or were inspired by in the movie.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

As you watch the movie, see if you can find these hidden “Easter Eggs”. If you can’t find them all, then you’d better go watch Courageous a second time!

-You can get a quick glance of the fire station shown in Fireproof. Also, listen to what the news story is saying when Adam watches TV in the evening.
-Look for a Facing the Giants poster in one of the kid’s bedrooms.
-There’s a scene from the Flywheel movie as well! Can you find it?
-This movie is all about families, and you can find a famous (and large!) family making a cameo! While you won’t see all of the 19 Kids, you can see the boys running a race and other Duggars crying in church pews.

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