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Book Review: Double Take by Melody Carlson

If you’ve been reading Girlz 4 Christ Magazine, then you’ve read book reviews about some of Melody Carlson’s books, such as the Words from the Rock series and the Never Been Kissed novel. You’ve probably read at least a few of her 200 books, which include the Diary of a Teenage Girl series. But, just released this month is her newest novel, written just for teens:
Double Take is not your ordinary Amish fiction! In fact, it’s more like a modern-day version of The Prince and the Pauper. A 17-year-old New Yorker heiress named Madison VanBuren is tired of the daily pressures of her life, so she jumps into her fancy convertible and heads out on a day trip to the countryside. When she finds a quaint town, she meets an Amish girl by the name of Anna Fisher, who is just as tired with her simple and mundane life as Madison is tired of her hectic one. They realize that, without Maddie’s makeup and accessories and without Anna’s kapp and Amish dress, they actually look like identical twins! So it’s decided that Anna will spend a week in Maddie’s penthouse while Maddie spends her spring break helping on Anna’s relatives’ farm. Will rich girl Maddie learn to work in the plain life? Will Amish Anna be overwhelmed by the modern technological world? Will anyone find out about this secret switch? Guess you’ll have to read Double Take by Melody Carlson to find out! You can find it in Christian bookstores or wherever Revell or Baker Publishing Group books are sold.

I really enjoyed this book (read it all in less than 24 hours!), not just because Melody Carlson is among my favorite authors, but because it is a unique tale of two different worlds colliding. Both girls are thrust into completely new experiences and learn to depend on God along the way. Plus, you get to learn a little about the daily life of both the Amish and New Yorkers along the way!

JUST FOR FUN QUESTIONS (Share your answers in a comment!)
-Do you plan on reading Double Take?
-Have you read any other books by Melody Carlson? Which ones? Which were your faves?
-If you could switch lives with someone completely different from you, who would you switch lives with?

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