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Top Ten Tips for Babysitters

When we babysit, we are not only caring for kids, but we are being an example for Christ! That being said, here are our top ten tips.

1. Watch what you say around children.

You are a role model for them and they will likely repeat the things you say. Even if you don’t say “bad words”, remember that saying anything that’s mean, suggestive, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate will make you a poor example.

2. You’re there for the family, not to take care of your own personal desires.

While it’s okay to answer a phone call from Mom, don’t spend the evening Snapchatting your friends. If you watch TV, let the kids pick the show instead of you catching up on your favorite series. But most of all, play with the kids. This alone will make you stand out as a star sitter.

3. Opt for the healthiest options in the pantry when it comes to meals and snacks.

But a small sweet won’t hurt.

4. Keep track of interests and hobbies of each child you babysit.
Take special care to know their allergies, medical conditions, birthdays, and special parent instructions.
5. Each time you babysit, bring a special game, toy, or book that you think the child will like.
This shows that you put thought into your work, and the kids will likely ask their parents to have you come back. (Even if it is just for the toy!)
6. Know what to do in an emergency situation.
Make plans in case of fire, natural disaster, choking, or power outage. Be extra prepared by taking a course on emergency response or first aid.
7. Wear appropriate clothing.
This means more than just being modestly dressed, although that’s also important. Wear clothes that you can move around and play in, or possibly get dirty or spit up on! Don’t wear dangly jewelry around babies. Think about what you wear.
8. Know the parents’ rules for you and follow them.
Are you allowed to take the kids outside? Can you eat anything in the fridge? Are certain rooms off-limits? Questions like these don’t make you sound like an incompetent babysitter, but rather a thorough and respectful one!
9. Don’t let the kids fall into the habit of staring at an iPad the entire time you’re there.

Come prepared with a few active games, quiet games, songs, and stories that you can all participate in. It’s healthier for the kids, and more impressive to the parents.

10. Pray on the way to your babysitting gigs.

Written by G4C Editor Jessica Lippe

These tips were taken from the Winter 2015/16 issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. Subscribe today to get extra advice on babysitting, plus so much more, all for free!

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