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ModWraps: The Upgraded Charm Bracelet (+coupon!)

Do you own a charm bracelet? It’s fun to have a statement piece of jewelry that shows off your interests and beliefs. However, that metal chain can be clunky, and sleeker accessories are more in style right now. Recently, we at Girlz 4 Christ discovered a modernized version of the traditional charm bracelet.

The company Modestly makes these beautiful bracelets called ModWraps. There’s a huge selection of bracelet options in a variety of colors. The ModWraps you select will contain charms that will reflect who you are. Choose from collections like Exploration, Passion, Inspiration, Faith, or Tranquility. Modestly even has some ModWraps with popular sports team names and colors!

We at Girlz 4 Christ are excited to team up with Modestly to give you a super special offer! When you purchase two bracelets, you can get FOUR for FREE! This offer applies to all the $15 bracelets. You can also use this coupon with the $17 bracelets for just two dollars each additional. As if that weren’t a good enough deal, shipping is free too!

To sum that up, when you use our coupon code “G4C”, you get Buy 2, Get 4 Free + Free Shipping. You can’t beat a deal like that!

 Use the coupon code “G4C” to get this special offer. Click here to visit Modestly!

Written by Jessica Lippe
Note: This post contains affiliate links. Any proceeds we receive will help further Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. 

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