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Bella Lotus Headbands

One day while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across this really interesting and unique page. As I looked more carefully at the photos I realized all of these gorgeous headbands were handmade. I can appreciate talent so I asked the gal behind the magic, Brittney to fill me in on how 
she got into doing this. 
She shared with me that she has always enjoyed being creative and that making the headbands was something she did that brought her and her grandmother closer together (how special). We chatted about how she does custom orders for bridal parties and events and I recall seeing one she even did with little pistols woven into the design. 
All of her work is definitely paying off as her business grows. Not only is the work of her hands beautiful, but the heart behind it is just as genuine. She hopes to someday use some of the profits she makes to benefit charity work possibly with groups that empower women. 
To follow this lovely lady find her on //
Instagram: @bellalotusheadbands


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