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Nicole Weider: From Model to Christian Leader

Hello Girlz! This year, we want to offer you more than just great content in our magazine. Check back here often, as we’ll be blogging at least once a week! You may find a video, extra interview answers from our featured ladies, or some of your favorite articles. This week, enjoy a life experience from Nicole Weider!

As a little girl, you don’t see all the dark parts of modeling. It all seems glamorous at first. Beautiful pictures, invitations to exclusive parties, and a paycheck. There were so many events that led to my depression. While many circumstances led to becoming depressed, the largest contributing factor was that I was working as a model. I was always placed in such scrutiny by my agents and they would always pick me apart by telling me I was not thin enough and my skin wasn’t clear enough. I would work hard to be what they wanted. I lost weight and I got hair extensions, but when you go to the auditions there are twenty other women that look exactly like you and it’s so much pressure. I didn’t like making money based on my looks and would more likely than not end up feeling so embarrassed doing lingerie, bras, and bikinis. I started feeling so bad about myself and being uncomfortable. My whole identity was based in being a successful model so when I didn’t want that anymore I was left with, “Well what do I do now?” I wasn’t a Christian and I had no sense of safety or security.

I had this one friend, Christie, who always stood by my side. She would always talk to me about Jesus and she seemed so happy. She really helped me through the process of learning what Christianity was about and why it was so amazing. I saw how much my life needed changing. While I was giving my life to God, He showed Himself in huge ways to me. He basically showed me, “Nicole, I’m listening to you and I’m here.” Every once in awhile I get distracted in my walk, but I always remind myself of the radical change I had. God is always watching out for me. It’s  pretty much my second nature now. I always think in the back of my mind, “Will this make God proud?” Most importantly becoming a Christian changed my heart and perspective!

I do modeling now to be creative along with my friends who are photographers and on my own terms. It’s wonderful only having to do it if and when I want to. My life isn’t dependent on getting “this next job”. Once you become a Christian a lot of your desires don’t go away, they just change. Dressing up and getting glam is still something that I find fun, but I can use it to glorify God versus my agent now.

Girls, don’t fall into the trap of “I’m not pretty enough”. The sexualization of teen girls is everywhere. No matter where you turn it’s in magazine ads or beauty products. It’s basically the entertainment world that teen girls only appeal is in how sexy they are or what they look like. Your worth comes from character and heart not looks. Remember how much Jesus loves you!

By Nicole Weider as told to Lily Garay

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2015/16 issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. Subscribe now for encouragement wrapped up in a fun, friendly, free magazine!

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