The Difference of a Dollar

As we approach the Christmas season, we know that you are probably stretched financially. We know it might be too much to ask to make a year-end gift to G4C. So, instead of asking you to make a large Christmas contribution, we’d like to ask you for something else.

We’d like for you to donate $1.

One dollar.

One-hundred pennies.

Twenty nickels.

Ten dimes.

And for those of you living outside the U.S. and Canada, that’s .80 in Euros, .95 in Australian dollars, 13 in Mexican Pesos, or 157 in Nigerian Naira.

You may think that one dollar is so small and insignificant for you, and you might not even want to waste the two minutes it takes to make a donation. But for G4C, something as small as one dollar can make a BIG difference…

One dollar is enough to keep our website active for a month.

One dollar is enough to bring G4C to a girl in need through our ministry partnerships.

One dollar is enough to run a contest.

One dollar is enough to replace a few of the “little” office supplies, like pens and journals.

One dollar is enough to show that YOU care about making a difference in the lives of teens and preteens around the world!

As this is a season of giving, we would like to give a gift to you as well! When you make your donation, specify if you would like to receive a digital copy of either our 90-Day Devotional or our Recipe Sampler. It’s our way of saying Merry Christmas to wonderful supporters like you!

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