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Call for Talent!

Lily Garay was a featured musician in our most recent G4C issue.

Gracie Schram was another… you could be next!

Are you an aspiring Christian musician? Girlz 4 Christ wants to help you out! In each issue, we have a column called “Jammin’ With” which is a profile of a talented young lady. If you’d like to be featured in “Jammin’ With”, e-mail us at!

Of course, not everyone is musically talented, but God has given us all talents, and many of them could be used in G4C! If you’re a writer, write an article for us! (And if you’re a published author, you could even let us review your book!) If you are a photographer or artist, you can help us create illustrations. If you run a small business, we would love to help get your name out by reviewing your product. Even if you’re simply good at making friends, you can encourage all your friends to subscribe to Girlz 4 Christ Magazine!

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