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Translate the Bible and WIN!

If you are able to read this, then you are one of the people on Earth fortunate enough to also be able to read the Bible. But there are 350 MILLION people on this planet who can’t read the Bible at all. Why? The language the speak does not have a written alphabet, so they do not have a Bible.

Wycliffe is a ministry whose goal is to allow everyone in the world to be able to read a Bible in their own language. They are working towards this goal by sending missionaries to these unreached people to learn the language and create a written alphabet for their language. You can always help out Wycliffe by supporting their cause financially. But for the next several weeks, they are inviting you to do more.

Play the Wycliffe game “In Other Words” by clicking here.  This game allows you to answer Bible trivia. As you answer the questions correctly, you will translate a Bible verse. Earn points for answering the trivia, translating the verse, and doing other bonus activities. As you earn points, you can be eligible for some cool prizes, like bookmarks, bracelets, iPads, iPods, and even a trip to Florida! So what are you waiting for? Sign up and play every day!

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