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You Were Made to Crave!

We all know the basic rules of health: eat balanced meals, don’t overeat, and try to get some exercise. So why are eating disorders, obesity, and general laziness so common among teen girls today? The answer  is simple: temptation! We give into our cravings for temporary satisfaction, but in the long run, we end up unhappy and unfulfilled.

These cravings from temptation don’t just apply to physical health. Everyone has an unhealthy craving of some sort. Maybe you try to find comfort and satisfaction in having a boyfriend or getting noticed at school. Perhaps you feel empty inside unless you’re constantly shopping for new clothes, make-up, and other luxuries. Whatever physical, material, or emotional desire you have, trying to satisfy yourself with it can keep you from satisfying your desires with God!

A new book is coming out this month, title Made to Crave for Young Women, written by Lysa TerKeurst and Shaunti Feldhahn. In Made to Crave, these two ladies discuss typical unhealthy cravings that many girls tend to have. Using practical advice, life experiences, and scriptures, you can control these cravings by replacing them with cravings for God and the healthy lifestyle that he wants you to live. A great feature about this book is that it really calls you to action. At the end of each session, you can grab your journal and participate in some meaningful activities. This book is also set up so that you can choose to read it as a 21-day devotional, a six-week study, or you can just read it at your own pace.

Prayer, reading the Bible, and simply spending time with Jesus truly can help you make healthier choices that form lifelong habits. If you want a good starting point and guide to satisfying your cravings in a healthy, God-honoring way, go ahead and order yourself a copy of Made to Crave for Young Women.

Discussion Questions (leave your answers in a comment!)
-What craving are you trying to satisfy right now? Remember that food is just one of many cravings you can have!
-Do you plan on reading Made to Crave for Young Women? If so, what parts are you looking forward to? (When you do start reading this book, we’d love to hear about your progress!)

(Book and cover photo provided by Zondervan.)

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