Two Weeks Left!

Last year, we committed to building a well in India.
Twelve months and thousands of dollars later, we are in the final stretch. This well will bless an orphanage and its surrounding community with accessible, clean water. Some of them may even call this gift a miracle. Would you like to be part of this miracle?

We only have until the end of this month (two weeks!) to raise the final few dollars needed to build this well and give every child in the orphanage a pair of shoes. We have less than $500 to go. I believe that we can meet this goal in even less than two weeks, but we cannot do it alone.

Your gift of any amount will be a tremendous help. For those who would like to join us to the tune of $25 or more, I will personally send a copy of any of my books. (Check out the book selection here: Simply

reply to this email after you’ve made your gift with your book choice and where you would like it sent.

This well-raising is done in partnership with Angel House, a branch of Rescue International dedicated to building orphanages and wells in India. You can find out more about them here.

Give here:

Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts. May God bless you for your dedication.
Jessica Lippe
Girlz 4 Christ

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