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Pro Packing Tips

Happy summer! With a break from school and the normal routine, you may have some travel plans in the works. Are you having any travel challenges, such as figuring out where to go, how to budget, or what to pack?

Have no fear! Did you know that Girlz 4 Christ’s editor Jessica Lippe is also a travel writer? She keeps a travel blog called Jessica Lippe Uncommon Adventures. This week, she gave a sneak peek into something you’ll find in the Summer 2016 issue of Girlz 4 Christ. Check out her top pro packing tips by clicking here! In addition to this, the Summer 2016 issue will have other adventure-seeking articles such as how to shop for summer travel on a limited budget and interviews with Girlz 4 Christ readers around the world.

Have a great summer, and pleasant travels!

Don’t forget to snag a free subscription in time to read Girlz 4 Christ Magazine’s Summer 2016 issue, coming June 20th!

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