Beautiful Tomorrow w/ Jamie Kennedy

Beautiful Tomorrow is a web-based movement for reaching out to teens and young adults under 30. To help them by sharing and inspiring them with quotes or being a direct contact for them and take today’s struggles and turn them into a beautiful tomorrow. Jaime wants to help people find the beauty of their past, help them grow, and show them what has brought them to who they are and to appreciate and understanding the future. Everyone has struggles.

Here are some questions that G4C asked her:
Did you grow up as a Christian? I did not grow up involved in much faith at all. I went to communion and confirmation classes in middle school and high school just because I was forced to and not because I wanted to. My family isn’t really involved in faith either. We just did the whole religion thing because of tradition. It wasn’t until the Fall of 2011 I decided to go with a friend to church and from that day on I’ve been completely changed and given my life completely to Christ.

Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
I think that something everyone hears and doesn’t pay attention to is when older people say,         “Who you surround yourself with is 100% of what you’re going to be.” In highschool it’s all about who you’re friends with and what is the cool thing. I think if you’re selective at that age and break down and ask yourself “How are the people I’m surrounding myself with going to benefit the me God wants me to be? Are my surroundings satisfying Him at all?”
What does Freedom mean to you?Freedom to me is that feeling of not having to be weary or fearful because I know God is in control and Has a plan even in his silence. I first decided that this feeling in my heart…..
God and said, “Please have control…”

“Nobody said that life was easy and as strong as you are with your faith and relationship with Christ there are going to be difficulties and temptations and it’s going to be hard the older you get. but when you completely just trust in God and the plan He has for you. the freedom in your heart. even if it isn’t what everyone your age is typically up to. It’s perfect and exactly what He wants to for.”

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