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Blimey Cow

(Editor’s Note: This is a condensed version of our interview with the producers of Blimey Cow. To read the full article, check out “Take 9 With Blimey Cow” in the Summer 2013 issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine. Don’t get the magazine? Subscribe for free!)

Justin Bieber. Jamie Grace. Julian Smith. Fred. It seems like every few months, another YouTube channel comes out of the woodwork, goes viral, and the producers become famous. But out of all of today’s YouTube producers, there is no one quite as unique and down-to-earth as the cast of Blimey Cow.

Blimey Cow was started by two Nashville-native brothers Josh and Jordan Taylor, later joined by Josh’s wife Kelly. Although they’ve produced a variety of videos, they are best known for their weekly special, Messy Mondays. Generally, Josh writes the script, and Jordan hosts the video along with a slew of guest stars (a regular guest star is their sister Amy). Although this terrific trio is very busy with making videos, working on their new audio network, and living in the real world, we invite you to have the chance to “Take 5” with this family.
1. Where did the name Blimey Cow come from?
We just came up with it on the fly when we first decided to make videos. I really have no idea what we were thinking. And now we’re stuck with it.
2. When most people post a funny video on YouTube, they hope that it will go viral. Did you ever expect your videos to go THIS viral?
I legitimately never thought our audience would grow this much. I just always figured that we did really niche video. I had no idea this many people would relate to and appreciate our perspective!
3. In addition to Messy Mondays, you occasionally create other videos, such as Batman, Messyges, and personal videos. How is the creation process for these different than the creation process for Messy Mondays?
They are completely different beasts. Messy Mondays is like a well-oiled machine at this point. It is fun to try other things from time to time. But Messy Mondays takes a lot of our creative energy every week so we have to pace ourselves.
4. Name a few of the things you’ve been privileged to do because of your work with Blimey Cow.
I think my favorite thing about all of this are the amazing messages and emails we get from people thanking us for what we are doing and begging us never to stop. Those encouragements bring a tear to my eye. One of my favorite letters we received, I keep on our fridge to remind me why we do what we do.
5. Making these videos isn’t a career, right? So what do you guys actually do?
Jordan is a full time student, Kelli is a stay-at-home wife (in the middle of turning her website into a source of income), and I (Josh) am a patent draftsman.

Thank you, Taylors! We are looking forward to this week’s Blimey Cow episodes on YouTube! 

Check out the full interview inside the current issue of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine!

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