Unbroken Beauty by Lily Garay

(for Q&A Lily’s questions & statements will be in bold. Anything said by Mindy Galvin will be in italics)

That moment you look into the mirror and don’t like what you see. Your hair is limp, you’re too fat, and you never look good. When you look at yourself you don’t see what others see and even though you believe in Jesus, you don’t understand what it is about you that He loves. Perhaps you have an eating disorder and you don’t see any hope at all. Maybe it’s hard for you to talk about it or even say anything, but there was a girl who did and this is her story.

She was so focused on becoming more thin to achieve beauty that she was pushing everyone and everything away from her. It was then she realized that she had to cling to God. That the one true thing she had left was God. She wanted to see herself the way that Jesus saw her. She opened up to her mom and lots of late night talks and prayers are the only things that got through this. But let’s rewind and start from the very beginning.

Mindy Galvin has had issues with her appearance since before pre-school! She grew up in church, has been writing songs for God almost all her life, and is currently a singer/songwriter, conference speaker, author, and youth pastor. Yet, at the age of 19 (she’s now 21) she started to have an eating disorder. It’s not that people didn’t love her or support her. It was about how she saw herself. Because of this, Mindy, has a very different outlook on life. She has let it change for the better. She is currently writing a  devotional called, “Unbroken Beauty”. Mindy says, “The devotional is about body image and how society sort of degrades beauty for girls and makes you feel insecure. It’s also going to be going along with one of the songs that I’m writing. The song talks about the time I had an eating disorder and Jesus showed me how to see myself through His eyes.

I think it’s so cool that you are turning your story into such a testimony! I also love that you are using music to spread the word and love of God. Tell me, how did you get started? I’ve been singing and writing songs since I can remember. I felt a strong calling when I was about 5. The second I heard the song “Jesus Freak”  ( by DC talk) I started writing songs and got music together. I went to a business/music camp and that has helped me in my journey with music.

I would say that you have a sound like Superchick and Barlow Girl. How would you describe it? I would probably describe it as a Christian Paramore. It’s definitely like a poppy rock feel.

Where do you find your writing inspiration? I really take in the emotions of myself and people around me. In devotion time I write things I am learning as a Christian and as I’m learning things with my walk with Jesus. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with whole songs in my head. It’s really just God.

What is some advice would you give singer/songwriters? I would say to be true to yourself, be unique, and don’t be afraid what God is telling you to say. A lot of times people tell me that I shouldn’t be so upfront with my faith in my songs and that I should use analogies. It’s really important to be blatant with exactly what you’re trying to say and who you’re talking about.

What is some advice you would give anyone who isn’t a singer/songwriter? Learn how to trust God and hold on to your faith. It’s so easy to lose track of who you are and what you believe. If you wait in the Lord it strengthens your relationship with Him and others.

You can find out more about Mindy Galvin at:

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