We Need Writers!

Have you ever wanted to become a writer? Have you ever wanted to see your name printed on the pages of a magazine? Now’s your chance!

We are in an extreme need of writers for our upcoming issues, and we want to invite you to contribute! There is no age requirement, and you are welcome to write about anything that the Lord lays on your heart. If you need some ideas to help with your brainstorming, here are a few suggestions:

-Write a devotional that will help preteen or teenage girls in their daily life.
-Know a girl who’s done something inspirational? Write about her!
-Write about summer activities. From summer camp to summer jobs to summer mission trips, we want it all!
-Create a poem about your relationship with Christ.

Once you’ve written an article, send it to Pictures and illustrations are welcome as well.

For complete details on how to become a G4C writer, or for other ways you can contribute, visit

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