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On This Day, Over 2000 Years Ago…


All these things were given to us the day Jesus died on the cross.

It’s hard to fathom exactly why Jesus came to Earth and why he died. Here’s an explanation from our teen intern, Lily Garay:

 You made, yet, another mistake. You feel guilt, shame, disgust. You feel as if it’s all over and you are just going to be making the same mistake over and over again. In your mind all you are thinking is how there’s no way God can forgive even if He did send Jesus to the cross to die for our sins.

What is the resurrection? Can I be forgiven?

God sent down His son Jesus to come to this earth. [see John 3:16]
God created you so the only way He could save you was to send a piece of Him. This was done through Jesus.

The resurrection isn’t about the bunny or the eggs. Those are just distractions created to take away from the real story.

The reason Jesus died for you was to forgive you. To read more about who Jesus is and His forgiveness read the books of Mark or John.

Jesus died on the cross for EVERYONE, so that EVERYONE could be free from their sins. God has given each one of us the gift of justice, mercy, forgiveness, freedom, and life. But, you have to accept this gift in order to receive its contents. 
If you have never accepted God’s gift, there is no time to do so like the present. All you have to do is ask. (This is often referred to as “praying”, but you can do this simply by saying whatever’s on your heart.) This weekend has been set aside to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Don’t let his ultimate sacrifice be wasted.
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